Benefits of Leather Sole Shoes

Benefits of Leather Sole Shoes

Finding a pair of comfortable shoes can be a challenge. You want shoes that fit your feet and are comfortable to walk around in all day. At Vella Pais, our handmade shoes come with a leather sole for added comfort. We make our shoes with style, practicality, and comfort in mind. If you’re thinking of investing in a pair of Vella Pais shoes, we want to let you know some of the benefits of leather sole shoes.

All Day Support

With a pair of leather sole shoes, you can stay on your feet all day long. The leather of your soles will adapt to how you walk and become even more comfortable over time. Leather acts like skin and moulds to the shape of your feed to create a flexible footbed. A leather sole also helps to support the arch of your feet.

Your leather sole has extra breathability, keeping your feet cool during the summer and reducing any build-up of sweat inside your shoes. With a rubber sole, the material heats up and can make your shoes uncomfortable in warmer climates. As a leather sole gives you extra ventilation, you don’t have to worry about the risk of fungal infection, which can be caused by dampness and sweat gathering inside your shoes. A leather sole will keep odour away.

An Elegant Touch

Having a pair of leather soles on your shoes gives you an elegant finish. Your shoes look more sophisticated just by changing up the sole. If you’re looking for dress shoes that you can wear to work or for special occasions, you want to have a leather sole. Rubber soles can make your shoes appear more casual and reduce the versatility of your shoes. A leather sole is the epitome of elegance.

Stands the Test of Time

Leather soles have a longer life span than alternative synthetic materials. A leather sole will always outlast a rubber sole. If anything happens to your leather soles over time, you can take them to your local cobbler and have them replaced for a new sole. You can give your shoes a second lease on life by changing up your leather sole. Your leather sole shoes will be easier to replace and re-sole than a plastic or rubber sole.

Added Durability

The layers of leather in the sole give the shoes extra durability. With every layer of leather, you get more strength and durability for your shoes. The best way of guaranteeing your shoes will withstand the test of time is to invest in a pair of leather sole shoes.

Your leather shoes are less likely to suffer from cracking for any reason. As rubber soles begin to dry out, you can start to notice cracking on the soles, especially if your shoes get wet. If you happen to walk through a puddle with your leather soles, the material will absorb the water but re-establish its form after the water dries out.

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