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How to Pair Men’s Dress Shoes With Any Suit

Men’s fashion has grown past the simple black shoe paired with everything in your closet. With so many options to choose from, it’s more important than ever to learn how to match your shoes with suits. There are many more amazing pairings to create and plenty of disastrous ones you never want to leave the house with. VellaPais has outfitted men for years with quality shoes, so we know a thing or two about perfecting your suit and shoe combo. Let’s explore the ways you can match dress shoes with various types of suits. 

Location Matters

The venue you’re attending makes a big difference in what suit and shoes you’ll wear. The more formal the event, the less flexibility you have for shoe type, but of course, each situation is different. Just remember to keep in mind the situation you’re walking into before picking out your stylish combo.

  • Formal Events – These events usually demand the classic colors of black or brown. For events like weddings or balls, it’s probably best to stick with the basics. For events with a bit more flair, you can stick to these same colors but choose flashier shoe designs or finishes that make your shoe stand out. 
  • Business Casual Events – If casual jeans or trousers are permitted, consider opting for more colorful options or suede and tasseled loafers. You can even consider dress boots to add a nice visual touch to your suit. 
  • Business Professional Events – For these events, a mix of casual and formal is preferred. Some loafers are a solid choice but stick to black oxfords or brown and burgundy shoes that go well with various suit types. 

Black Suits

A staple in your closet should be black suits, which should be paired with black shoes, of course. Most other shoe colors paired with black will look a tad too casual. Black does pair really well with different colors if you want a nice contrast, but, in general, black suits should only be matched with black shoes. Black suits are great for formal events and black-tie parties, and many of these events are best off with the tried and true black-on-black pairing. 

Brown Suits

Brown and brown pairings are a great combination that breaks from tradition, but not in a non-classy way. Brown suits and shoes should have a visible difference between the colors of the shoes and suits. 

Light and Dark Gray Suits

Gray suits are very flexible options, with light gray and dark gray both creating different vibes. Light gray suits can be paired with more professional black dress shoes. An extremely light gray color can be paired well with a nice brown leather dress shoe. Consider trying a cognac-shaded shoe during the spring or summer months. 

For dark gray suits, stick to a black or burgundy shoe, especially on a nice charcoal suit. Black is obviously very professional, and burgundy adds a much more relaxed vibe. While brown might be well suited for lighter-toned grays, try to avoid brown when picking a darker gray suit.

Navy Suits

Navy suits are a classic combination, fit for many different styles and events. A classic navy suit matches well with various colors and shades, so consider anything from black, shades of brown or tan, and burgundy, depending on other ways you outfit the suit. These colors are perfect complements while still adding a level of sophistication and formality not found in other suit types.

Other Colors

If you love some nice twists and turns with your suits, try a colorful suit to switch things up. When adding color to your suit, all bets are off, but that doesn’t mean you match a bright yellow shoe with a dark pink suit. Neutral shoe options are always good for various suit designs and colors, but consider color blocking or emphasizing accessories like socks. Stick to navy, black, or white shoes as the base colors for most of these suits, or stand out by matching your suit color with your shoes.

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Pairing shoes and suits are one of those things that all men must know. While some guys are born with the vision, most require a bit of assistance to feel comfortable creating the perfect pairing. It all starts with quality materials, and VellaPais provides plenty of shoe styles and types for all your needs. Whether trying on brightly colored suits or throwing on your favorite trusted black suit jacket, VellaPais is the place to go for luxury shoes at affordable prices. Search for luxury comfort shoes and other shoe styles and explore all our offerings today!

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