How To Style Casual Leather Shoes

How To Style Casual Leather Shoes

Casual leather shoes are a must-have for every Ghostwriter closet. Depending on your aesthetic, a pair of casual leather shoes might be a brogues style or an oxford if you like a more polished look. When you have a pair of go-to casual leather shoes, putting outfits together becomes less of a chore. You have one pair of shoes that you know you can wear with any outfit. Leather shoes are the perfect investment into your closet and can become a part of your signature look.

We’re rounding up five of our must-have casual leather shoes with styling tips on how you can seamlessly incorporate them into your daily style.

1. Casual Loafers

The casual loafer is an everyday shoe that can take you from meetings at the office to drinks in your local beer garden. These minimalistic shoes complement any outfit and are a go-to choice for laid back weekends.

Loafers give you a polished look without compromising on comfort. You can style these shoes with a pair of chinos and a polo shirt for an elevated and vintage-inspired look. If you want to keep it more relaxed, you can wear these shoes with your favourite jeans and a graphic t-shirt.

2. Buckle Slip-On Shoes

For most men’s shoes, it’s the styling that can make them casual. You can dress these leather shoes up or down, and they are ideal for Fridays at the office when you want a more easy-going look. The trick to wearing these shoes as a casual, everyday shoe is to avoid more formal pieces like ties and blazers. Build your outfit around a button up shirt and a pair of trousers with a relaxed fit. You can add a sweater on top to make your outfit fall and winter appropriate.

3. Casual Sneakers

4. Sneakers are the ultimate pair of casual leather shoes, and no man’s closet is complete without at least one pair. These shoes work well with skinny jeans or tweed trousers and a fitted shirt. You can give your look a more refined finish by throwing on a sportscoat or trench coat. Brown or camel colour sneakers are versatile and allow you to create a myriad of everyday outfits.

5. Driver Shoes

6. Sometimes you want your casual leather shoes to make a statement. Our driver shoes give any outfit a vintage feel and you can channel your inner 70s film star. You can style these shoes with shorter pants to show off the metal buckle detailing. Ditch the socks and flash a little ankle. Wear a duster jacket or a vest over your shirt for a classic look.

7. Wingtip Casual Shoes

8. Casual leather shoes don’t have to be minimalistic.

Our wingtip casual leather shoes give you comfort without skipping on style. Channel your inner 80s Rockstar with a pair of casual pants, a classic white t-shirt and a black leather jacket. A viator sunglasses will finish off your look with a military-inspired twist.

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