What Makes Handmade Leather Shoes Different

What Makes Handmade Leather Shoes Different

Everyone likes to splurge on a pair of shoes from time to time. After all, while your dress size might fluctuate, your shoe size will almost always stay the same. Handmade leather shoes make the perfect investment into any man’s wardrobe. The saying “you get what you pay for” is never more true than when it comes to shoes. The right pair of handmade leather shoes can stay in your closet for years and become your go-to choice. We’re rounding up four reasons why handmade leather shoes are the perfect addition to your collection.

Never Go Out of Style

Classic handmade leather shoes, such as a pair of cap toe dress shoes, will never go out of style. You’re investing not only in a pair of shoes but the craftsmanship behind them. Not only will your feet feel great while wearing them, but you’re also safe in the knowledge that you’ll get a lifetime’s wear out of your shoes.

Your handmade leather shoes will always have finishes that you wouldn’t see on cheaper shoes. Every aspect is done by hand, with not a stitch out of place. Everything from the welt to the toe puff is in immaculate condition. A classic pair of well-made shoes will never date.

Long-Term Investment

With cheaper shoes, you will be lucky if you get more than a season’s wear out of them. We often end up tricking ourselves into thinking we’re saving money by buying more inexpensive alternatives, even though we end up spending more money in the long run. High street brands often treat their cheaper shoes with a chemical finish, which makes them wear down within a few uses, and you can see the faux leather come apart within weeks.

Leather has been the go-to material of choice for shoes for generations, as they won’t crack or split over time. These handmade leather shoes only look better with age, like a fine wine. We all know there are certain things in life to invest in, like your car and daily appliances. Your footwear is no exception to the rule. If you choose a pair of classic handmade leather shoes, you’ll be reaching for them every time you have a meeting at work or a special occasion where you want to leave an impression.

Extra Comfort

Handmade leather shoes are an art form which has been passed down through the generation. These shoes are crafted to work with your feet. At Vallapais, our shoes have a calfskin leather lining and an all-day comfort footbed to support you throughout the day. Cheaper shoes are often uncomfortable. They aren’t made with the same consideration for the nuances of your feet. Your handmade leather shoes should make it feel as though you’re walking on a cloud.

Last a Lifetime

Unlike mass-manufactured shoes, you can take your handmade leather shoes to a cobbler and have them repaired if anything happens to them. If you look after your shoes properly, you can expect to get twenty years’ worth of use out of them. Even with the occasional maintenance and care, it is still considerably cheaper than buying several pairs of low-quality shoes.

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